Partnered Directors


Bio: Founder & CEO of Yic17 Studio. Specializes in RPG games (Both WRPG & JRPG).

Main Channels: Yic17 Studio / Yic17 Fantasy
Sub Channels: Yic17 Heaven / Yic17 Sports


Gamer's Little Playground

Bio: Focuses on popular game titles and fast uploads. Specializes in Action, Action Adventure, and Shooter game genres.

Main Channel: Gamer's Little Playground
Sub Channels: The Gaming Library / Gaming Sins



Bio: Focuses on telling the full story of games, giving you more backstory. Specializes in Adventure and Interactive Movie Games.

Main Channel: Tamiil



Bio: Game Movie Director who mainly focuses on JRPG, anime styled, and visual novel game movies.

Main Channel: JettSlayer
Sub Channel: JettSlayerX2


Guest Directors

Andy Gilleand

Bio: Well known for his Assassin's Creed game movie series with professional quality editing.
Main Channel: Morphinapg



Bio: Mainly focuses on making Final Fantasy game movies in HD quality.
Main Channel: dansg08


dmNs Gaming

Bio: Makes various game movies.
Main Channel: dmNs Gaming Channel


Game Movie Entertainment

Bio: They do high quality game movies with hiding all HUD during gameplay. However, most of their movies are in German with a few exceptions in English.
Main Channel: Game Movie Entertainment



Bio: Mainly does Adventure & Interactive Movie Games with top-notch editing.
Main Channel: Banished GAZ



Bio: Makes many quality game movies with all cutscenes and minimal gameplay style.
Main Channel: Canadian Ice


Rabid Retrospect Games

Bio: Features a variety of game movies in HD resolution.
Main Channel: Rapid Retrospect Games


Salastar Productions

Bio: Dedicated in the Resident Evil series game movies.
Main Channel: CuttingEdge93


Sima Movies

Bio: Game Movie director who works on various different genres of games from action to adventure to RPG.
Main Channel: Sima Parks



Bio: Makes various quality game movies. Mostly focused on Action and Action Adventure genre.
Main Channel: Stepultura


Story Gamer

Bio: Features various game movies of more niched and older games.
Main Channel: StoryGamer2012